Travelers walking through an airport.

Are you ready for holiday rush madness? If you are headed to the airport, here’s what you should know.

Heavy travel is expected over the next couple of days at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson’s International Airport. A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution states, “A post-pandemic surge in travel and major construction projects have caused headaches for travelers.”

Throughout this holiday season, over 300 million people are expected to travel through the airport.

Although the airport’s website boasts of being the “busiest and most efficient airport in the world,” travelers should expect delays at TSA-run security checkpoints.

Airlines are recommending that travelers arrive 3 hours ahead of departure time to avoid missing flights due to gridlock at checkpoints.

ARRIVE EARLY, is perhaps the best piece of advice given by airlines and TSA. Another tip is that passengers should not depend on the wait times posted by the airport.