On Friday September 30th, Douglas County High School went into lockdown mode. According to Fox5 Atlanta, Douglas County principal Keja Parks placed the school on lockdown . After administrators received word that a potentially dangerous student was spotted walking near I20 and was headed towards campus. 

The Douglas County School System Police, Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Douglasville Police Department were able to search for, and apprehend the student. According to the report, the students at the school were safe and the lockdown was lifted once the individual was apprehended. Information about the student was not identified

Parents were able to check out their children from school once the lockdown was lifted on Friday afternoon. 

Earlier in the week, Fox5  Atlanta also reported about another incident at the same high school involving a gun and students fighting on campus. The video of the altercation shows a gun on the ground as students engage in fighting one another. According to their report, parents are demanding for schools to secure “weapons detection technology and clear backpacks so it doesn’t happen again”. Douglas County Schools has expressed their dedication to the safety of their students and sent out a message to parents regarding the incident.