Truck in front of Boundary Waters Activity Centerre

Residents of Douglas County and its surrounding area headed to Boundary Waters Parks Activity Center’s Gymnasium to participate in a Community, Health, Wellness & S.T.E.A.M. Fair early Saturday morning. The soulful sounds of R&B music played in the background as community members circulated throughout the gymnasium filled with over 31 vendors.

The event, hosted by Blessings Working Together, Inc. and Service to Humanity, Inc. was filled with vendors offering free COVID Vaccinations, boosters, and vision, dental, sickle cell screenings and information on HIV Testing.

One local resident who attended the event stated that her primary reason for visiting was to get access to the “COVID vaccinations and the free health screenings”.

This falls in line with Blessings Working Together Motto which states that they are “willing to strive for the success of the community”.

The Cobb Douglas Public Health Department was one of the vendors on site, and provided information about Early Intervention for Babies and WIC to local families. Insurance Broker, Denise D. Snow from Your Benefits, LLC. was also present to talk to residents about insurance options.

Gamma Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority,
Gamma Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority gathered at the Community Health, Wellness and S.T.E.A.M Fair (Pic. by Serena Robertson DC Flash)

Nurses from the Gamma Chi Chapter of the Chi Eta phi Sorority, Inc. were present and offered helpful advice on first aid and CPR. Walmart Health was also present and offered residents a Services Summary Price List for Primary Care, Dental, Hearing and Counseling.

Other participants include, Sergeant Hawkins a recruiter for the Army National Guard, Angels N Tech, Atlanta Doula Collective, Inc., and Save our Jewels, a company that promotes “natural menstrual pads, panty liners, and vitamin sprays”.

More information about the event planners, Blessings Working Together and Service to Humanity can be found at and