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Ensuring that children receive a solid education is perhaps the most important task that a parent can encounter. Traditionally, children are forced to attend schools based on where they reside. For some, this can be a blessing and for others, a curse.

Parents who are unhappy with their school choices are often left without any opportunity to make a change. If you believe that parents should have the right to choose which school their child should attend, then your thoughts are aligned with the Douglas County Schools System.

School Choice for 2022-2023 opened on April 13 according to the Douglas County School System’s website. Applications for school choice transfers for the 2022 – 2023 school year are now available.

The school system is offering parents the opportunity for their child to attend the school of their choice within the district, but parents must act fast!

The window to complete the online application is on Friday, April 29 by 11:59 pm. Each completed application will receive an order number. If an order number is not received, then the application may have an error and will not be considered. Be sure to enter all of the information correctly to avoid any issues.

The slots are limited to the space that is available for each school. Once the desired school has its zoned students enrolled (click here to see spaces available) they will fill any extra slots.

It is also important to note that the school system will not provide transportation for students who transfer. There are also restrictions for potential athletes who switch schools.

If you want to learn more about this special opportunity, the DCSS has an entire webpage devoted to the School Choice Transfer program. Good luck!