We live in a society in which one’s appearance holds value, even if the objective is not to be superficial. Whether you’re into luxury fashion, affordable brands, or just trendy clothes, you can find yourself unintentionally being a key player in fast fashion.

Fast fashion is when clothing is mass-produced within a short time span and then is ultimately sold at cheap prices in retail stores. The popularity of fast fashion enables consumers the flexibility of being able to constantly keep up with the latest trends by switching out their wardrobes with the latest styles.

Being a consumer of fast fashion is not just a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses”, possessing trendy clothing has become an addiction for the everyday consumer. Clothing has turned into a desire rather than a necessity simply due to increased affordability.

Personally, having the option to easily replace and revamp my wardrobe prematurely has become even easier thanks to online shopping. Being able to look stylish while on a budget can seem like a smart financial decision however, we must be cautious.

Environmental pollution due to fast fashion has risen in recent years. I now make a conscious effort to reduce my role in the growing issue of fast fashion by purchasing from sustainable retailers or thrifting. I suggest that next time you formulate an excuse to buy a new item ask yourself: “Will these new pieces be simply added to the mountain of clothes I have that are barely used or never even worn?”

Yaminah Edwards
Yaminah Edwards

Yaminah Edwards is a native of the West Georgia region. Edwards is a Georgia State University alumna, YouTuber, political science expert, and fashion enthusiast. Edwards has a voice that truly stands out amongst the crowd. When Edwards is not advocating for ecological, sustainability public policy change one can catch her hiking along the many scenic trails that Georgia has to offer.