A young lady

CVS pharmacy is trying to help the millions of women who live in poverty and are “unable to afford menstrual hygiene products”. Common menstrual products like pads, and tampons are not always readily accessible for everyone. Often, people who are incarcerated and homeless people are often the most at risk of not being able to afford these products.

CVS is trying to combat menstrual inequality for customers in multiple states including the state of Georgia. Customers in these states will no longer be forced to pay taxes on period products. Their overall goal is to get rid of the tax nationwide.

In addition to CVS, paying taxes on period products for their customers, the company has “also reduced the price of CVS health brand period products by 25%. Customers can receive this discount at their core pharmacy locations. You can find CVS at 6031 Fairburn Rd. and also at 3674 GA-5 in Douglasville. The CVS site states that they want to “help improve access to quality period care”.