Douglas County leaders gathered in O’neal Plaza Saturday evening to hold a Candlelight Vigil of Peace in the wake of a shooting that occurred in the Chaparral Ridge Subdivision that claimed the lives of two teenagers last week.

Elected officials, members of the National Pan Hellenic Councils, and the Rising Men of Douglasville were among the crowd at the event highlighting the opposition to youth violence while calling for unity.

Mayor Rochelle Robinson quoted scripture and lead the group in prayer. Police Chief Tim Sparks of the Douglas County Sherriff’s Department called upon parents to be more present in their children’s lives and to “stop being your kid’s friend”. He also called for parents to enact better parenting techniques. Sparks encouraged parents to enroll in the Parenting Youth 101 class.

After the city officials said their passionate pleas to the public, the group participated in a candle-lighting ceremony. One by one the attendees thoughtfully exchanged flames with one another until the last candle glowed. Participants then held up their candles high in the sky in a pledge to continue to work towards a better tomorrow for Douglas County youth.

Members of the Devine 9 gathered together to hold a Candlelight Vigil of Peace on Saturday
March 11,2023